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Podcast Production

As a boutique podcast production studio, we are a one-stop shop offering production, editorial and tech services for the ideation and creation of podcasts in a wide array of formats: narrative, documentary, talk shows, internal corporate podcasts, and more.

At La Coctelera Music we take care of the entire process of audio production and sound design, including the composition, mixing and mastering of original music for your podcast’s score and jingles.

Podcast for brands, media outlets and platforms

Our mission is to help you strengthen your sound identity and thus connect with your audiences via the branded podcast format. We elevate audio storytelling to professional standards and avant-garde themes. It is an evolution and refinement of the audio narrative format to raise it to totally professional levels and with avant-garde themes, turning the podcast into a new marketing tool and a weapon of mass seduction for our clients.

We also produce live podcast events, creating intimate, emotional experiences in front of live audiences. It’s a great way to amplify your podcast in a different way and connect with your target audience in person.

Podcast adaptations and translations

Adapting a podcast into another language requires special sensibility in order to respect the DNA of the original production while making it relevant and nuanced to new audiences. We specialize in the translation of podcasts from English to Spanish and Spanish to English.

Latin music and world music podcasts

Our seasoned experience as journalists and radio producers in the Latin and world music industries make us an authority in this space that traditional media outlets lack. We have deep relationships and a proven track record with communities on both sides of the Atlantic and in the music industry in Spain, the United States and Latin America.

Sound Design

Sound design and original music

A podcast makes you travel with your eyes closed. Not only do we have over 15 years experience working in radio and advertising but we have dedicated our lives to telling stories. That's why our jingles, theme songs, audio-logos and overall sound design are narratives in themselves. Audio is a raw conductor of emotions and we have spent our careers exploring its endless possibilities. Sound design is an infinite palette of resources and is essential in order to define the tone and emphasis of our storytelling. This is why our podcasts are designed from scratch to better suit the client’s needs. We do not use music libraries; the tone, dynamics, modulation, tempo, and sound textures ... are key in how the listener will perceive our message.

Audio Consulting

Do you have something to communicate but not sure how to go about it? If you want to know the best way to record a podcast, where to start, what equipment to use, or where to host it, we are here to help. We give you the answers customized to your needs, budget and objectives.

Playlisting, music curation and consulting

As music experts, we also provide this service to help storytellers, platforms, media outlets and brands reinforce their sound identity. Our deep knowledge of Latin and world music and our positioning as authorities in the industry make us stand out and allow us to provide unique value to our clients.

Some of our clients

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