LatinXtransfer Podcast

Neoperreo is a thing...everywhere but in Puerto Rico

SEASON 1, EPISODE 1 - Jan 9, 1019

The first installment of LATINXTRANSFER is thematic, and it's about the underground phenomenon of hipster reggaeton known as neoperreo, except it seems it hasn't really taken hold in Puerto Rico...for now. We dial Sara Skolnick (aka DJ Riobamba) out of Brooklyn about being a woman DJ in this space. (Riobamba plays in Barcelona on January 25th at Club Marabú, don't miss her).

I trade WhatsApp notes with artist and DJ Héctor Arce Espasas (aka DJ D'Marquesina from Rico Suave and Rosa Perreo parties in NYC) and I also chat with journalist Jhoni Jackson to talk about the late Kevin Fret and how queer communities in Puerto Rico are also finding perreo empowering.

Además, inauguro el primer 'Glosario de Reggaeton' de este programa con la palabra 'pichear'. No pichees, y dale play ya. Hit me up at @nuriapuntonet on Twitter.

Track List:

Ms Nina feat Tomasa del Real - 'Y Dime'
Ivy Queen - 'Muchos quieren tumbarme'
Kelman Duran - '6s'
Bea Pelea - 'Házmelo otra vez'
Tomasa del Real - 'Perra del futuro'
Fuete Billete feat Enuma - 'Jugo 'e piña'
Los Rivera Destino - 'El Caco'
Kevin Fret - 'Yo soy así'
Bellaqueens - 'Tu chilla favorita'
MPeach - 'TBT'


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